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Moon Ridge Mini Goats


Registered Nigerian Dwarf Goat Farm


About Moon Ridge

Raising goats since 2016

Moon Ridge is a small farm located on the Western Slope of Colorado. Here I raise registered Nigerian Dwarf goats. I strive to produce healthy, quality goats that will help improve the breed and also make great pets! Hopefully I can include more animals in the future but for now we only have goaties!


Everything We Offer




Here at Moon Ridge, I offer quality goats that are healthy and friendly. I have spent a lot of time researching and learning about quality goats and I believe my goats, Although not perfect, are of great quality. I will continue to breed and improve my herd, not only for myself but for any future buyers and for the breed itself! I also like to ensure my goats are friendly and not wild. I love having goats that want attention and ones that you dont have to chase around. Therefore I make it a goal to socialize any babies born on the farm. I have a clean herd that have been tested for CAE, CL and Johnes. I will never sell an animal that I feel is unhealthy in anyway shape or form. Please check out the terms and conditions before purchasing an animal from me. Thank you!

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