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Terms and Conditions

All Moon Ridge kids can be registered with ADGA unless sold as a wether or sold as a pet only. All kids will be disbudded or polled (there is a possibility that the disbudded goats could grow scurs). The does are given their CD&T 30 days before kidding but you will be responsible for the vaccinations for any kid you purchase.

All Moon Ridge goats are tested clean for CAE, CL, and Johnes. Once the goat leaves the farm then I can no longer guarantee that the goat will still be clean from these diseases. Therefore, Moon Ridge will take no responsibility for any animal that leaves the farm. To ensure you keep a clean herd make sure you test often and follow careful biosecurity measures. 

Moon Ridge will only sell goats that are healthy. If I feel a goat is not quite healthy enough to leave the goat will stay on the farm until I feel it is fit enough to leave. I only want to buy healthy goats therefore I will only sell healthy goats. Once a goat leaves it will no longer be Moon Ridge's responsibility IF the kid/goat were to fall ill. Traveling can be stressful on animals and there is always a risk of a goat becoming sick. This will be the buyers responsibility. There will be no refunds or replacements if a goat dies after leaving Moon Ridge Farm. Moon Ridge will NOT be responsible for any kid or goat once it leaves the farm.

All does and doelings will be sold as "open" which means they will not be pregnant. I do not currently offer any buck services and wont be breeding does as a special request. ADGA is currently having many issues and I feel this may be a difficult time to deal with stud services.


If you would like to hold a goat then a non-refundable deposit will be needed. I charge $100 for does and bucks, and I charge $50 for wethers. Kids can be picked up once they turn 8-12 weeks depending when they are fully weaned. If you fail to pick up your kid/goat after two weeks of a decided date, then the goat will be available again and you will lose your deposit. If someone requests a goat's horns be left on then the buyer must pay full amount for said goat. If a kid is to become sick or die then you will be refunded your deposit or you can choose to switch it to another goat. Buyer will be responsible for transportation. Although I am breeding for quality, goats that are polled, blue eyed, and/or moonspotted will most likely cost more due to high demand for these traits.

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